Sms-Taxi is an active service in the major cities of Italy that allows you to request or book a taxi through your mobile phone, just send a text message!

But how do you do it?
Here are the steps to be taken:

compose the message indicating the city and the address where you are, and send it to 331 4296956 for example: Palermo via Libertà 26 (do not insert commas).
you will receive a text message from the central 6878 (radio taxi trinacria), which indicates the activation of the taxi search: "The search for the taxi has been activated. Wait for a confirmation text message. Thank you".
you will receive a second sms in which you are given the information related to the initials of the taxi and the arrival time: "Taxi Trinacria 60 is arriving in 3 minutes. Thank you"

In case you have booked a taxi for a day or a different time from that of sending the sms, you will receive:
sms confirming the reservation.
according to sms, 10 minutes before the scheduled time, which reminds you of the reservation and tells you the acronym of the arriving taxi.
What do you need to have?

a cell phone.
the number to send the sms 331 4296956.
Advantages: comfort and safety

the service is always within reach of a mobile phone.
the service is immediate, does not require registration.
you can decide whether to request a taxi immediately or book a ride.
the innovative service allows you to call the taxi in a very practical and fast way.
The implementation of the taxi request service via sms has had a positive impact on business processes: the benefits brought about by use are quantifiable through some performance indicators. In addition, the most important benefit for the customer is the immediacy with which he receives an answer: thanks to the SMS service, the time spent booking the taxi is reduced by 80% and at the same time the time of access to the service by call is reduced.

How much does it cost to use SMS TAXI?
The service is free. The cost is to send a sms according to your telephone tariff, there are no additional costs.

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